Career Test

While everyone in this world is unique and different we do all process information in various ways that can be measured. What we can measure gives quite an amazing insight to how we perceive and process information, relate to others, how much emotions play out in our personality, if we are live more in the present or are more focused on our future, etc.

Let me give you an example. think and we all feel, however some of us think more than they feel, or feel more than they think. Lets say a work colleague arrives at the office wearing a coat which you perceive is clearly inappropriate. Are you the sort of person that will do them a favour and tell them immediately "don't wear that coat anymore" or, are you someone more gentle to their feelings, and will tell a white lie for the sake of their emotions? If you would answer honestly and risk hurting their feelings, that is an indication of thinking over feeling, while second way is feeling over thinking. Thinking people are generally more comfortable in conflict situations and enjoy debate, so therefore possibly are better lawyers, business leaders or police. On the other hand, a feeling person generally dislikes conflict and prefer working with others, so they may make a better psychologist, teacher or nurse, etc.

Besides thinking or feeling, there are 3 other areas to measure; your intuition or sensing (how we process information and what it means to us), being extroverted or introverted, and if we are judging or perceiving. This gives us 16 personality combinations, and what ever one you fit into will give an interesting insight with respect to career prospects.

About Personality tests

The most common personality test in the world today is the Briggs Meyer personality test which was developed in 1962, although the various personality types where first published in 1921. is not the official Briggs Meyer test, but was inspired by it. Our test is simple, quick and accurate with only one page of multiple choice questions. You can read more about the personalty types from this page.

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