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Briggs Meyer Personality Types

The list of the 16 personality types

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What does the % breakdown of my personality type mean?

You may be E (extraverted) but if you are 55% E then you are surely less extraverted than someone whose result reads as 90% E.

Obviously there is no right and wrong however often our weaknesses as people can occur when we are more or less extreme in any one area.

For example, if you are above 80% F (feeling), your feeling side is so dominant compared to your thinking side that you may be easily offended, be overly emotional and perhaps jump to conclusions. On the other hand, being above 80% T (thinking) may mean your weak feeling side can mean you are not in tune with other's emotions which means you may get people off-side, say things that other's find harsh or offensive.

Being high in J (judging) means you could be seen as too rigid and not flexible, being high in P (percieving) means you could be seen as forgetful, messy and unreliable which could be frustrating to others.

Your % result can change over time and a big factor for some change can be your partner's personality and the effect of long term, although personality changes, if any do occur are slight over many years, however our behaviour can be altered quickly by learning and understanding.

So therefore, even though we can't really change our personality, we can learn about our ourselves and our weaknesses, evaluate our behaviours and attempt to make changes for the better, if required.

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