Personality Types : INTP

INTP-Thinkers and Engineers

Career relevant traits:

  • Enjoy abstract ideas and theory
  • Seek to understand things by analysing underlying structures and principles
  • Value competence and knowledge above everything else
  • Apply your own high standards for performance
  • Original and independent, at times eccentric
  • Value autonomy and work very well alone.
  • No yearning to lead or follow
  • Dislike the details of day to day mundane work.
  • Not especially interested in the practical applications of your work
  • Astute, intuitive and creative.
  • Future-oriented
  • Often wise and ingenius
  • Have more trust in their own insights and knowledge than other’s
  • Living primarily in their own minds they can seem at time sremoved from other people.

Being an INTP means you live in a world of theoretical possibilities. You constantly are thinking about how things can be improved or what it could be developed into. You live primarily inside your own mind, working to analyse problems, discover logical explanations and seek clarity in all things. Such is your drive to attain knowledge you can take on a personal responsibility to solve problems and help society attain a higher understanding.

You tackle issues with logical reasoning and have little respect for personal subjectivity and therefore do not place importance on emotional considerations to decisions. You may not be in-tune with other’s feelings and not always equipped to meet the emotional needs of other people.

You are likely to be very independent, original and unconventional as you perceive different ways to achieve things. This can mean you put less importance on other traditional things, such as security or popularity. A complex individual who dislikes the tedious and mundane, you can be restless and temperamental. Strongly ingenious, your original thought patterns allow you see new paths, and consequently many scientific breakthroughs in the world have been achieved by the INTP.

Your ability to grasp of theories and complex abstract thoughts allows you to prove or disprove submitted concepts and ideas. You are a creative and insightful thinker using logic and reason to analyse problems and theories to find the truth about them.

Working independently with a desire to find the truth, more than a practical solution gives rise to the ideal career environment for an INTP

Possible Career Paths for the INTP:

  • Scientists particularly Physics and Chemistry
  • Photographers
  • Strategic Planners
  • Journalists
  • Mathematicians
  • University Professors
  • Computer Programmers, Systems Analysts, Computer Animation and Computer Specialists
  • Technical Writers
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers or judges
  • Forensic Researchers
  • Forestry and Park Rangers

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