Personality Types : ISTP

ISTP-Mechanics and Craftsmen

Career relevant traits:

  • Have an excellent ability to apply logic and reason to their immense store of facts to solve problems or discover how things work
  • Usually able to master theory and abstract thinking, but don´t particularly like dealing with it unless they see a practical application
  • Thrive on new experiences and variety
  • Excellent "trouble-shooters", able to quickly find solutions to a wide variety of practical problems
  • Risk-takers who love action
  • Continuously storing facts about their environment and storing them.

You are lucky because you have the ability to be good at many different kinds of tasks.

Your introverted and thinking strengths give you the ability to concentrate and work through problems which leaves you many open doors. To be happiest an ISTP needs to lead a lifestyle which has much autonomy and which doesn’t include very much external enforcement of structure. An ISTP will do best working in highly flexible environments or being their own boss. Your natural interests are in applying your very good reasoning skills against known data and facts to discover underlying structure, or solutions to practical questions.

ISTPs are compelled to understand how things work. Being good at logical analysis, and enjoy using it on practical issues. Typically you will have strong powers of reasoning, although you are not interested in concepts or theories except when you can see a practical application. You enjoy taking things apart to see how they work.

ISTPs are excellent in a crisis. You are likely to be a good athlete, having very good hand-eye co-ordination. You are good at following through with a project, and tying up loose ends. You usually don´t or didn’t have much trouble in school, because you are an introvert who can think logically. You are usually a patient person, although you are susceptible to the occasional emotional outburst, due to the inattention of your own feelings.
As an ISTP, you thrive on action, and are quite possibly fearless. Your adventurous nature finds them attracted to motorbikes, sky-diving, flying, etc.

ISTPs are fiercely independent, needing to have the space to make your own decisions about your next step. You do not believe in or follow regulations and rules, as this would prohibit your ability to "do your own thing". Your sense of adventure and desire for constant action makes ISTPs liable to quickly becoming quite bored

Possible Career Paths for the ISTP:

  • Pilots, Drivers, Motorcyclists
  • Police and Detective Work
  • Fire-fighters
  • Paramedics
  • Probation officers
  • Forensic Pathologists
  • Computer Programmers/Specialists, System Analysts
  • Engineers
  • Carpenters
  • Construction workers
  • Mechanics
  • Farmers
  • Transportation workers
  • Athletes
  • Entrepreneurs

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