Personality Types : ENTJ

ENTJ-Executives and Chiefs

Career relevant traits:

  • Natural leaders
  • Driven to turn ideas into plans
  • No patience with incompetence and inefficiency
  • Want order and structure
  • Highly developed verbal communication skills
  • Do not like routine, detailed jobs
  • Decisive and self-confident

You love to interact with people and to be part of an intellectual lively conversation. You respect others who can stand up to you and who can persuasively argue your point of view, because of your self-confidence and excellent verbal skills, others may lose confidence when debating with you.

You don't live in the world of feelings, but can be quite sentimental, even if it is not shown to others. There exists the risk that you could make a judgement based on ill-founded emotions and sentiments which could lead to problems.
If your thinking and intuitive nature is less developed you can be prone to making hasty decisions which may not always be the best, and another risk is that you can be giving orders and directions without sound reasoning, or consideration for the people involved.

Having said that, you likely have many gifts which give you a great deal of personal power, as long as you remain balanced in your life. Your ability to be assertive with long range thinking, combined with organisational skills allows you to create plans from theories, and have the personal tools to accomplish whatever goals you strive to attain.

You are especially well-suited to be a leader or organization builder. You contain the ability to clearly identify problems and find innovative solutions for short and long-term goals. Having a strong desire to lead, you are usually not happy just to follow. Being an ENTJ means you like to be in control, and need to take charge to use the advantage of your special capabilities.

You focus strongly on your career and naturally fit into the corporate environment. You are constantly scanning your world for potential problems which you can turn into solutions. You generally see things from a long-range perspective, and are very good at identifying plans to turn problems around, particularly problems of a corporate nature. As an ENTJ you are usually successful in the business world, because you are so driven to leadership. You are a hard and dedicated worker, and driven to recognize where an organization is headed. For these reasons, you are a natural corporate leader.

Possible Career Paths for the ENTJ:

  • Corporate Executive Officer or Organization Builder
  • Entrepreneur
  • Mortgage Banker or Broker
  • Scientists
  • Marketing manager
  • Politician
  • Computer Consultant
  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Business Administrators and Managers
  • University Professors and Administrators

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