Personality Types : INFP

INFP-Idealists and Dreamers

Career relevant traits:

  • Devoted and loyal
  • Have strong values
  • Warmly interested in others
  • Service oriented, often putting the needs of others before theirs.
  • Future and growth orientated, constantly wanting to grow in a positive direction
  • Complex, creative, sensitive and inspirational
  • Easy going and flexible, except when a ruling principle is violated
  • Do not like working with details and routine work
  • Original and individual - "thinking out of the box"
  • Very good written communications
  • Prefer working alone, possibly can have problems working in teams
  • High value on authentic and deep relationships
  • Want to be appreciated and seen for who you are

Interestingly, the majority of the world’s greatest authors have been INFPs.

Your career will be more important to you “just a job”, you will need to be doing something meaningful that suits your strong value systems. The INFP will be most happy in a career that has a direct or indirect goal of achieving something positive for all of humanity. You are highly focused on making the world a better place, and also for attaining the meaning of life. As an idealist and perfectionist you work hard on your quest for achieving the goals you have set yourself.

You are intuitive about people and also rely on your intuitions to guide you through life and search for value and meaning.

You hate conflict and take lengths to avoid it. If it must be faced, it is approached with the perspectives of other’s feelings in mind. Thus you don’t really care who is right or wrong, but only how the conflict makes you feel. Other’s may see this as irrational behaviour during conflict situations. On the other hand, as an INFP you can make a very good mediator, and good at solving other’s conflicts because you intuitively understand each person’s feelings and perspectives and truly wish to help them.

You are easy going and flexible until someone breaks you of your values, to which you can aggressively defend, and fight for a just cause. Because of your high standards you can be hard on yourself, and even others in group or team situations because your ideals are higher. This can create problem of control, which may need to be a addressed in order to live in balance.

Possible Career Paths for the INFP:

  • Writers
  • Musicians
  • Consultants
  • Fine art teachers
  • English teachers
  • Editors
  • Education consultants
  • Journalists
  • Social scientists
  • Counselors and Social Workers
  • Teacher or Professor
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Religious Workers
  • Television Reporter
  • Systems Analyst, Computer specialist/programmer
  • Scientist
  • Writer or Journalist
  • Engineer

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