Personality Types : ESTJ

ESTJ-Guardians and Overseers

Career relevant traits:

  • Dependable hard workers
  • Thorough, honest and loyal
  • Natural leaders which like to be in charge
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Will follow projects through to completion
  • Driven to fulfil their duties
  • Like creating structure and order

You will have a lot of choice in the type of career you choose because an ESTJ is capable in a lot of different fields. This is due to the tremendous effort that is given to doing things the correct way.
You will be at your happiest in a leadership role because of your natural drive to be in charge. The best job is one where you are creating structure and order.

As an ESTJ you will see everything in terms of concrete needs and facts. Living in the present, you will scan your personal environment to check that everything is running smoothly and systematically. You honour laws and traditions and have a clear set of standards and beliefs. You expect other people to perform to your high standards and have little patience for those that don’t uphold these values.

An ESTJ will know within themselves how things should be done, therefore you will have an ability to quickly step in and take a commanding role of the situation.
An ESTJ is usually a model citizen and you will take your commitments and responsibilities seriously, putting great effort into everything you think is important

Possible Career Paths for the ESTJ:

  • Nursing administrators
  • Military leaders
  • Business Administrators and Managers
  • Police or Detective
  • Judges
  • Insurance agents or underwriters
  • Financial Officers
  • Trade and technical teachers
  • Teachers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Government workers

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